***Update on 4/14/2020: The Governor of the State of Ohio has mandated a shut down for all non-essential business from March 24th – May 1st. We will be unable to service any orders during this time. Thank you for understanding.***


Our domes are the highest quality domes, made in USA on highly automated equipment employing the best thermoforming technology and the best raw materials available. We stock a wide variety of domes that will fit most of the popular dome cameras sold since 1998.

Because we manufacture our domes in the USA, we can even make custom domes on demand for older systems or for any other application requiring a dome. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping within the continental USA is standard for all domes smaller than 8 inches (203.2 mm) diameter.

Camera Domes

Gold DomeIt is imperative for images to come through acrylic camera domes with exceptional clarity and focus. Whether manufacturing a new waterproof camera housing, replacing parts or refurbishing existing hardware, the clear camera domes made by Replex Plastics are tested with a rigorous quality-control process.

Replex camera domes are manufactured in America and never contain low-quality imported parts. They can also be see-through mirrorized with chrome or 24-kt gold, as they are intended for use in high-end security cameras. The vast majority of the domes we manufacture, however, are clear, bronze, or gray, and are for newly manufactured camera housings. We do also supply replacement parts for legacy installations.