6.4″ Replacement for Philips/ Bosch/ Aigis , Painted Back with Gray Viewing Slot

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Dome Size Information: 6.4″ Bubble x 3.2″ Deep + .28″ Flange = 6.96″ Overall Dome .060″ – Gray Material Thickness

Dome Diameter indicates measurement from inside of flange to inside of flange. Flange Diameter indicates measurement from outside of flange to outside of flange. Apex is the measurement from the bottom of the flange to the top of the dome (height). All domes are made of durable acrylic. This product intended for outdoor use.

Material Type Acrylic
Overall Dome 6.96″
Bubble 6.4″
Inside Diameter 6.4″
Flange 0.28″
Height 3.2″
Thickness 0.060″
Color Painted Back w/ Gray Viewing Slot
Brand Philips/Bosch/Aigis Fixed Dome
Size 6.4″ Bubble
Category Camera Domes
Box Dimensions 12x12x12

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


Philps / Bosch / Aigis